About Danielle Davidson

Professional Nutritionist

My journey began as a nutritionist due to my two beautiful children who both have food sensitivities to dairy and soy. They suffered from severe constipation, sensitive skin and lowered immune systems. Being a mum, it is hard to see your children in pain and not knowing how to help them.  I struggled with this, I followed medical advice from professionals in the medical field and would take advice from individuals outside the health profession.  After endless appointments, I was still back at square one with their health concerns.  General Practitioners would advise me that there was nothing wrong and it is normal for children not pass stools for days.  My favourite line from GPs was ‘they will grow out of it!’  Five years later and they still haven’t grown out of it. This was my drive to fix my family’s health and find out what the causes were for the health issues of my children.  The journey of endless research led to nutrition.

I have always been fascinated about the human body, how it works and effects of food relating to health and disease within the body.  This led me to head back to university to complete my degree so I could help individuals and families who have been in similar situations. I also have a passion for assisting people who want to feel healthy again and guide them through the process. 

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