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Online initial consultation with a nutritionist

Initial Consultation 1 hr 30 min $140.00

The initial consultation is where I get to know you and how I may be able to assist you with your health goals and any current health issues. We discuss past and current medical history to find what is going on in your body to eliminate and treat the root cause. I will then give you specific recommendations of lifestyle and diet changes with the injunction of nutritional supplements if needed. This is a very comprehensive consultation so I can give you the best care possible that is individualized to you.

Online follow up consultation with a nutritionist

Follow-Up consultation 45 min $80.00

Follow- up consultation, we will be able to see what impact the initial treatment and dietary changes have had. We will also have results from any testing that may have been done after the first consultation. From this information, I will then design a treatment plan for you.

Online starndard consultation with a nutritionist

Standard Consultation 30 min $60.00

Standard consultation is where we assess your current treatment plan, discuss any concerns and make sure you’re on the right path to reaching your goals.

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